2014 Winners

 2014 Nominations

Past Winners



Michelle Mower – Filmmaker of the Year

We are proud to honor Michelle Mower as our Filmmaker of the Year, and  are very excited to have her at the fest sharing some of her success in indie film.







belt buckles awards

The 2014 Austin Indie Flicks Showcase Belt Buckles

The 2014 awards are custom Austin Indie Flicks Showcase belt buckles in gold, silver & bronze.









Super Cool Events winners

Non-Exclusive Digital Distribution Offer

All award winning films at the 2014 Austin Indie Flicks Showcase will be awarded a non-exclusive digital distribution offer on via the GoLoad store, signed through! These films will be available for purchase, rental, or subscription On-Demand for computer or mobile devices as well as placement in the Apple App Store & the Google Play store!

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