AIFS Wrap Up

Wow!  What a weekend!  We at Twitchy Dolphin Flix are just blown away by all of the love and support from the filmmakers and the fans.  Putting on a fest isn’t easy.  Putting on a fest for true indies is harder,  but so rewarding.

1383358_10151664824147400_870469343_nIt started Thursday morning when Ryan Andrews, Sarah England, Thomas Phillips, Grace Hathaway, Mike Donis and Nathan Bybee visited the St. Austin Film Class.  The ability to encourage young filmmakers to follow their dreams is always a wonderful experience.  We followed it up with a dream trip to the Salt Lick.  MEAT!

1393894_10151951802259617_1619409049_nThursday night was a great first for the AIFS.  A night at the drive in to see Sick, Werebitches 3, Pete Winning and BFF.  We had  a great turnout.  The films looked gorgeous on a beautiful night against a perfect Austin sky.  The Blue Starlite is soon to be an iconic part of the Austin Film Landscape!  We just know it!

1390632_10151718065111483_184741772_n On Friday, the filmmakers had a great time networking at Stompin’ Grounds lounge.

sg pic  Texas Renegade,  Friday Avenue, Plow Monday, Brandon Reynolds, Tracy Weinberg and Kenny Pits took the stage and just plain rocked.  Sarah England and James Christopher followed up with a little Wicked!

photo 21380493_10151718051391483_1682914094_n Saturday’s screenings went great!  The level of competition took a giant leap forward.  Audiences were greeted with some great comedy, sweet romance, moving drama and some scary horror and a little dose of weird.  Special thanks goes to Marc Wasserman and Dave Cohen for throwing a great after part.

We just want to thank everyone again for a great time.  Our fest is not about egos or star spotting.  it’s about real indie filmmakers showing their hard work.  We’re tired, but ready for next year.  Submissions start in early 2014!  For a full list of winners.


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