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Quite a Conundrum

Well, it wasn’t one to let this epic film in!  Click on the poster for this awesome trailer!



Welcome to the Blue Starlight

We are very excited to welcome our new sponsor, the Blue Starlght DriveIn.  They are bringing the MOVE back to the MOVIES by offering an old school style of entertainment.

We’ll be screening some of our best festival films this year!  Get your tickets now!

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Submissions Closed…Fun Just Beginning

Wow.  We have a record number of submissions this year.  Exponentially more than last year.  As we sort through them, we do have some fun stuff we can let you know about!

First, while a location is still pending, we will be hosting a third night of the AIFS.  A series of films on Thursday night!

Second, the Friday night concert is set with Texas Renengade taking the stage along with Jon English, Tracey Weinberg, Brandon Reynolds and new friends Friday Avenue.

And don’t forget that the concert is ALSO the costume contest!  Group costumes are encouraged!!!