Monthly Archives: May 2013

Pete Winning Sets Sail

We’re proud to announce that Pete Winning is BACK for Scarlet Waters 666!  You saw the live show.  Now you gotta see the finish product!


Libby Girl: Bored Games

Well, of course Libby is back!!!  Here’s hoping she doesn’t get BORED in Austin this year!

LG BG poster

Goin’ Guerrilla Special Screening

As part of this year’s event, we’ll be screening our new film Goin’ Guerrilla.   The film’s festival run will just be starting and we’re excited to get it home sooner than later.


We’re proud to announce that Jacob Grim’s new short The Roommate will be playing at this year’s Scarlet Waters!  Check out the trailer here!    This is Grim Productions second year to play Scarlet Waters.